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The questions were simple, why did you get into teaching, how old are you, favorite color, favorite tv show, cats or dogs… She was honestly hoping for something more challenging. For a creative writing class she would have to get them to use that creativity a bit more. With a look over at the first student, she felt a bit bad for calling her out in front of everyone like that; she made a mental not to apologize in English. When the bell rang, she dismissed everyone with a wave of her hand. Interesting bunch.

Fifth rolled around and she waited outside the door, greeting the students as they milled by. When Irene came by, she gently grabbed her arm and pulled her aside. “Hello Miss Adler. May I borrow you for a moment?”

Irene was sauntering into her fifth period classroom, mumbling to herself about having no Molly or anyone she particularly cares for in this lesson and she was stuck with that teacher again. She sighed softly and was looking for a spot at the back before feeling someone grab her shoulder.

She shot a foul look to the person in question, about to ask what the hell they wanted before realising it was Ms Vertick. She looked a little baffled but nodded slightly, first day in and she was already trouble? She thought she saved the blackmailing students until later, but then again this might be old business coming to bite her in the arse. 

Marie released her shoulder almost immediately at the foul look on the young woman’s face. Perhaps she was a bit harsher earlier than she intended. She pulled her hand to her lips, coughing into it to clear her throat as she noticed another student lingering by the door; attempting to be nosy. Siad student looked bashful then skittered off to their seat. “I wanted to apologize for being so short with you earlier. I had heard so much from your other teachers I was honestly a bit disappointed with your question. Can you forgive an old woman?”

Irene almost immediately put her hand where the teacher’s was, almost checking to see if something happened or she was hurt, but once Ms Vertick’s intentions and felt sorry now for giving her such a glare before “O-Oh…” She trailed off and smiled a little, at least she knew her rep with the teachers was still good and solid. “Oh no its fine….S-So sorry about before, of course,  but you look far too nice to be old Ms” She said and smiled at her before heading back into the classroom and sitting around the middle instead